# Full Node Rewards

To incentivize operators who run full nodes, full node reward is provided in Vite network. The daily reward is 5,700 VITE, which will be shared equally among all qualified nodes. This page explains full node reward program and how to participate in it.

# Full Node

Please visit What is gvite node for full node introduction.

# Instructions for Running a Full Node

Configuration details can be found at Installation.

# Reward Program Details

  • A daily amount of 5,700 VITE will be distributed equally to all qualified full nodes.
  • A qualified node must keep at least 90% uptime in a cycle.
  • The reward program started at 12:13:14 GMT+8 on December 13th, 2018. Rewards are distributed on a daily basis. Please note the time we send out rewards could be in delay due to large amount of computation, and be patient. Additional details can be found at https://reward.vite.net/.
  • As special full node, supernode is eligible for this reward program.

Reward Increase

At the time being, a temporary multiply factor of 2.6 will be applied to base amount to increase the daily full node rewards up to 14,820 VITE.

Full Node Reward Program II

In Full Node Reward Program II it is required for full node operators to stake 10,000 VITE for each node to be eligible for rewards. By staking, operators can receive:

  • Daily full node reward, and
  • Additional voting reward from Vite_SBP03.

More details please refer to Announcement of Full Node Reward Upgrade (opens new window).

IP Restriction

If multiple full nodes run from the same IP address, only one node can receive reward. Do NOT setup your nodes on the same IP address!