# SBP Node


This document mainly introduces how to config supernode and SBP registration. Before reading this article, please see Node - Installation to install gvite first.

# SBP Configuration

In order to set up a supernode, first you need install a full node and then enable mining related properties.

# Create Wallet

See wallet Management.

# Edit node_config.json

Append 4 properties in node_config.json

  • Set Miner as true
  • Set CoinBase in format of index:address . For example: 0:vite_f1c2d944b1e5b8cbfcd5f90f94a0e877beafeced1f331d9acf .
  • Set EntropyStorePath as your mining address. For example: vite_f1c2d944b1e5b8cbfcd5f90f94a0e877beafeced1f331d9acf .
  • Set EntropyStorePassword as your keystore password corresponding to above address.

Below is a complete example

  "Identity": "vite-node",
  "NetID": 1,
  "ListenInterface": "",
  "Port": 8483,
  "FilePort": 8484,
  "MaxPeers": 10,
  "MinPeers": 5,
  "MaxInboundRatio": 2,
  "MaxPendingPeers": 5,
  "BootSeeds": [
  "Discover": true,
  "RPCEnabled": true,
  "HttpHost": "",
  "HttpPort": 48132,
  "WSEnabled": false,
  "WSHost": "",
  "WSPort": 41420,
  "HttpVirtualHosts": [],
  "IPCEnabled": true,
  "PublicModules": [
	"Miner": true,
	"CoinBase": "0:vite_d2fef1e5ffa7d9139bd7c80a672e0530789bac6c7c9ff58dc6",
	"EntropyStorePath": "vite_d2fef1e5ffa7d9139bd7c80a672e0530789bac6c7c9ff58dc6",
	"EntropyStorePassword": "123456",
  "LogLevel": "info"

# Reboot Node

Execute the following command

ps -ef|grep gvite

to obtain existing gvite process id

ubuntu   27268     1 99 16:00 ?        01:54:56 ./gvite -pprof 

Kill it

kill -9 27268

Then reboot



ps -ef|grep gvite

to check if gvite is rebooted successfully

# SBP Registration


Registering new SBP requires staking 1,000,000 VITE. Please ensure you have the amount in your account.

Log in Vite Web Wallet and navigate to SBP Registration page.

Fill in Node Name and Block Creation Address.

Please note that Block Creation Address is the address you configured on node server and is only responsible for producing new blocks. Do NOT use your Staking Address as Block Creation Address.

# SBP Name

Give your SBP a nice name. Bad name will not help recognition or attracting votes. SBP name cannot be changed once registration is done.

# SBP Ranking List

Visit https://explorer.vite.net/SBPList for the ranking list.