# Migrate to Pre-Mainnet from TestNet

# Key Steps

  1. Change NetID from 2 to 1

  2. Delete the original BootNodes and replace with BootSeeds . The content is as followed

"BootSeeds": [
  1. The default data directory in TestNet is "~/.gvite/testdata/". This has been moved to "~/.gvite/maindata in Pre-Mainnet. Remember to move your keystore files as well from the "~/.gvite/testdata/wallet/" to "~/.gvite/maindata/wallet/" especially if you are migrating a supernode.

# More Information

Starting from gvite v2.0.0, a updated node_config.json has been provided as template in the installation package. Make your own modification based on it!

See below table for configuration changes in Pre-Mainnet

Field TestNet Pre-Mainnet Details
NetID 2 1 Vite network ID
BootSeeds - https://bootnodes.vite.net/bootmainnet.json Newly added for fetching boot nodes
DataDir ~/.gvite/testdata/ ~/.gvite/maindata Default data directory. Optional

# Other Common Fields

Depending on specific usage, below fields in node_config.json may also need change

  1. Node name

Identity is used to identify a node name. Duplicated names are allowed.

  1. Supernode related

Miner , CoinBase , EntropyStorePath and EntropyStorePassword should be filled in.

  1. Full node rewards and status

In order to receive full node rewards, you should specify your address in RewardAddr . DashboardTargetURL specifies a server link that your node reports status to.

  1. Networking

MaxPeers and MinPeers define the maximum and minimum neighbors your node is able to connect to. Don't set this too large or too small. Default is 10.

  1. API ports

Port , FilePort , HttpPort and WSPort are used to customize ports exposed.