# How to Integrate 3rd Party Exchange

Follow the below steps to integrate Vite (as well as the other coins issued on Vite) in a 3rd-party exchange.

  1. Get to Understand the Vite Chain

  2. Set up Your Node

  3. Process Deposit

You can choose either Bank Account Style Wallet (based on individual addresses) or Shared Account Style Wallet (based on memo) as the deposit account. A memo-based deposit account is recommended.

  1. Process Withdrawal
  • The gateway sends a Withdrawal Transaction to user's withdrawal address and generate a record.
  • The gateway checks the withdrawal Transaction Confirmations periodically. When the confirmation number reaches 180, it is safe to believe the withdrawal is complete.


For convenience, Vite JavaScript SDK (opens new window) and Vite Java SDK (opens new window) can be used to call the above RPC APIs.