# Vite Test Wallet


You should use Vite test wallet for testing purposes only. Do NOT use Vite test wallet in Vite Mainnet in any case.

# Features

  1. Support for connecting to test/dev node
  2. Support for adding DApp URL

# Limitations

  1. Only Vite native tokens are supported
  2. Only VITE's balance is displayed in wallet's asset list

# How to Use the Test Wallet

# Install

  1. Open https://testflight.apple.com/join/yHaCX2i6 in Safari on your iPhone;
  2. If your device doesn't have TestFlight installed yet, click "View in App Store" to navigate to App Store first, then install TestFlight;
  3. Click "Start Test" in Safari. This will bring you to DApp Master download page, then click “Install”.


TestFlight package may expire by time. In case that the above link is invalid, feel free to contact Vite Labs to get the latest test wallet.

# Configure Your DApp's URL

  1. Open Vite test wallet; restore your mnemonic phrase or generate a new one;
  2. In the landing page, click on the small gear on the right side of Tab bar to enter debugging page;
  3. In the debugging page, click “Mainnet” to input your testing node's URL;
  4. Click “Add URL” to add your DApp into the test wallet.