• constructor params:
    • __namedParameters: object
      • client : Client client Instance
      • mnemonic : string Mnemonic Words
      • bits : number Bits of Mnemonic Words default: 256
      • addrNum : number Current addresses
      • lang : LangList Language default: english
      • pwd : string Password of Mnemonic Words
    • config: object
      • addrTotalNum : number Total number of addresses default: 10
      • addrStartInx : number Index of the generated addresses index default: 0

WalletAccount Instance

Instance Properties

Name Type Description
addrList Array: AddrObj Address List
lang LangList Language
mnemonic string Mnemonic words
addrNum number Current addresses
addrStartInx number Index of the generating address
entropy string Entropy
addrTotalNum number Total number of generated addresses
id string Account ID
activeAccountList Array: Account Activated account list
pwd string Password of mnemonic words

Instance Methods

WalletAccount Instance Methods


  • Parameters Fill out with one of any parameters
    • address : string Activate Address
    • index : number Activate Account Index
  • Return:
    • activeAccount : <Account> Activated account


  • Parameters
    • activeAccount : <Account> Account needs to be frozen


  • Return:
    • addrObj : AddrObj Newly-added address